Our Corporate Mission:

Leader in the New Energy Industry

Our Core Value:

Service, Rules, Simplicity, Respect,Learning, Sharing.

Our Corporate Vision:

With the product as the core,
service as the mission, and technology as the driving
force, we are committed to becoming a leading value-added service provider in the field of new energy.


    Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Pace Electronic Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen Nanshan District Science Park, is a leading value-added service provider in the new energy industry with products as the core, services as the purpose, and technology as the driving force.
    With integrated circuit supply, sales, and self-developed BMS Battery management system as the cornerstone, Pace focuses on power battery customization, and integrates design, research, development, and manufacturing, The company has established a development pattern based on products, technology, market, and services.
    It has established subsidiaries in Shanghai, Xiamen, Hong Kong, and other places, and has two major research and development centers in Shenzhen and Wuhan. Lithium battery products are widely used in fields such as AGVs, robots, forklifts, warehousing and logistics handling, unmanned delivery vehicles, commercial floor scrubbers, golf carts, RVs,lead acid replacement etc.

We don't want to just sell you a product, we want to advise you “good solution” for your applications. Sustainable, reliable and safe battery solutions are our top priority. When you are looking for a custom lithium battery pack, it's important to select a supplier that can help you from design, assembly and delivery. PACE is a Li ion battery pack factory in China which has our own R&D on lithium-ion battery pack including lithium lifepo4 battery pack with BMS, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack etc. You can simply rely on us.