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Yes, our battery pack includes BMS, which was designed and produced by ourselves.

Recreational Vehicle
12.8V 300AH

Enter the realm of limitless possibilities with the 12.8V300AH lithium battery pack, engineered to revolutionize RV power management. Boasting a voltage of 12.8 volts and an impressive capacity of 300 amp-hours, this battery pack offers unrivaled energy reserves for extended journeys off the beaten path. Its advanced lithium-ion technology ensures rapid charging, extended lifespan, and robust performance in diverse environmental conditions. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, this lithium battery pack delivers more power in a lighter and more compact package, making it an ideal choice for RV enthusiasts seeking to optimize their onboard power systems. From powering kitchen appliances to running heating and cooling systems, this battery pack empowers your RV adventures with unmatched reliability and efficiency.
Max charging Nominal voltage Dimensions (LxWxH) Charging voltage
1.Max charging 2.Nominal voltage 3.Dimensions (LxWxH) 4.Charging voltage
1. 300A
2. 12.8V
4. 14.6V

Made of lithium iron phosphate, work after charging, high power, no need for maintenance

Twice as fast charging for the best charging experience, saving you 100% of your time

Reduces energy loss by 50% and lasts longer, allowing you to have more fun.

PACE lithium batteries offer five times more power compared to lead-acid batteries

Original Factory Grade A Cell

Adopting the original grade A quality battery cell, different from the B product, dismantled and ladder cell in the market. With strong performance and quality assurance, making the battery pack more stable.

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Equipped With Intelligent BMS

Our PACE lithium batteries are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the BMS you’ll know the status of your battery in real time and all the guesswork will be gone. You’ll know how much power is left in the battery and how long it will take to return to full charge.

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R&D and Production Strength

More than one hundred R&D personnel, supporting R&D center, reliability test room, product qualification test center. Testing center, reliability testing room. Product identification testing center. Own factory, product performance is stable and quality is trustworthy

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ChemistryLithium Battery Pack
Nominal Voltage12V
Nominal Capacity 300AH
Charging waysconstant current/constant voltage
Max continuous discharge current300A
Cycle Life @80% DOD>2000cycles
Charge Temperature0 to 45ºC
Discharge Temperature-20 to 60ºC
Storage Temperature-20 to 35ºC (3 months)
Storage Relative Humidity60±25%
Size W*H*L(mm)L227mm*W106mm*H223mm
Communication ProtocalTTL or Customized
Number of parallel connections allowedUp to 4P


  • At higher temperature the capacity will be reduced and constant exposure will cause increasing capacity fade.
  • At lower temperature the impedance will be higher reducing efficiency of charging and discharging.
  • The BMS will protect the system from short term over temperature and low temperature operations but the installation must keep the batteries within the recommended temperature.
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    Custom Lithium Batteries

    We don't want to just sell you a product, we want to advise you “good solution” for your applications. Sustainable, reliable and safe battery solutions are our top priority. When you are looking for a custom lithium battery pack, it's important to select a supplier that can help you from design, assembly and delivery. PACE is a Li ion battery pack factory in China which has our own R&D on lithium-ion battery pack including lithium lifepo4 battery pack with BMS, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack etc. You can simply rely on us.